Winter Warmth England

Planning and preparedness is essential to keep our communities safe and well. This website will provide you with information, statistics and communication resources to help your organisation ensure that vulnerable people stay safe, well and warm during the winter. The FREE resources are split into two target audiences – ‘families with children’ and ‘older people’.

About us

The information, materials and resources within this section are aimed at supported professionals and organisations working with older people who are vulnerable to harm caused by living in a cold home.

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Within this section professionals can access research and resources providing tailored advice to families vulnerable to cold related harm.

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About Us

Living in a cold home continues to be a major of cause of preventable Illness and avoidable hospital admissions in the UK. In addition there are an estimated 43,900 excess winter deaths per year.

In 2012 a number of organisations came together to secure funding from the Department of Health 'Warm Homes, Healthy People Fund’ for a project to help staff to plan and prepare more effectively, in line with the Cold Weather Plan for England, resulting in the creation of the Winter Warmth England website targeting vulnerable older people.

Following the success of this site, feedback told us that resources were required to support those working with families. As a result the website has been expanded to include a Warm Well Families section.

How this website can help you....
• Assist you to plan, prepare and take advantage of existing resources, knowledge and information
• Increase appropriate referral for the vulnerable to local schemes and interventions
• Reduce duplication of effort and work load across organisations
• Increase impact and effectiveness of communication activity by promoting an integrated and consistent approach.

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ByteBack Creative

Website & Resources

A Yorkshire based creative partnership led by Ken Clayton and Gary Cawthra. Specialising in video production, visual identities, marketing campaigns, websites and printed materials.


AJ Stocks Ltd


AJ Stocks Ltd is a marketing and business consultancy, specialising in social marketing, based in the North of England but working across the UK.


Sheffield Hallam University

Research & Development

Worked in partnership with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Collaboration of Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care.

Resource Users Say...

Users of the older people’s resources told us…..

“Thought out and well put together resource. This has been adapted locally and allowed us to pull together a number of related schemes together in one co-ordinated event, under the ‘Winter Warmth’ umbrella.”

Hotspots Coordinator West Yorkshire

“It speaks to real people with simple messages.”

Director of Public Health South Yorkshire

“The messages, pre-done templates and the communications - especially the language to use. All of it...its brill!”

Public Health Lead Cheshire

“The toolkit provides accessible information that can be used to inform and train staff and to also develop public facing campaigns. The provision of up to date, accurate and consistent messages in an easy to use, access and understand format means that organisations can up skill staff and develop campaigns effortlessly.”

Professor of Health and Wellbeing Sheffield Hallam University

“The Winter Warmth resources have been a great aid to our Keeping Well in Winter Campaign and Winter Warmth plan, the resources are so easy to access, with so much variety of promotional material. I found the website easy to navigate through; the supportive materials (action plan, fact sheets and communications pack) were a great aid.”

Vanessa Hoyland Powell Doncaster MBC