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This website was developed by the Warm Well Families project team so that professionals can access the research and resources to turn insight into action!

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What and why?

The Warm Well Families research aimed to understand the influences and decisions of families regarding keeping warm and well at home. This was achieved by conducting an in-depth research study with families and professionals drawing insights the findings. The findings revealed the importance of tailored advice and information to families vulnerable to cold related harm.

To support professionals in this task we developed a range of models and resources that can be accessed by clicking on the button below.

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FREE Resources

Access a range of free and useful resources to help you to communicate with families with children who may be at risk of poor health caused by living in cold home.

Key communications pack

Getting clear, consistent and actionable messages out to the right people is vital. This PDF provides pre-tested messages and communications advice.

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8 poster templates based on the four types of families identified in the research. In PDF format to ensure you are delivering the right messages to the right target audiences.

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Additional tools

A few things to help with planning and communicating with stakeholders- a link to the Cold Weather Plan for England and a branded Point presentation template.

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Warm Well Families Research

Background information on the Warm Well Families research. This download includes the full project reports and journal publications.

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Press Releases

Struggling for what to say...get the right messages at the right time to the press and media with these two readymade templates that you can localise.

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Warm Well Families Resources

Some great tools to help professionals apply this research to their work. The download includes 4 Pen Portraits, the trade-off model and The Book Of Damp.

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